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RZR MOLLE is 35 to 50% lighter than traditional MOLLE Systems. The removal of snaps, straps and 1” PALS webbing combine to help the American Warfighter with overall weight reduction… Ounces add up to Pounds! RZR MOLLE is 100% compatible with all MOLLE legacy systems from Plate Carriers, Warrior Belts to Stacking Pouches.


RZR 1000D/500D laminate material is Hydrophobic, meaning it does not gain weight when submerged or drenched. It is also Antimicrobial, meaning it will not mildew or rot and is easy to clean or decontaminate. RZR laminate offers superior durability and wear protection both inside and out over traditional 500D or 1000D Cordura®.

RZR OCP 2_edited.jpg


Tuc-Loc™ is a patent-pending ultra-lightweight MOLLE strap locking system. At the end of each RZR® MOLLE Strap is the Tuc-Loc™ tab.


When you complete weaving the MOLLE strap, to secure the pouch, just Tuc the tab in, and your pouch is now Loc'ed in place.

No Snaps to break, no hook and loop to wear out, no-fail points. 


1. Stronger material = weight savings 

2. MOLLE weave tunnel created by lazer cut technology, removes weight  

3. 84% overall less thread used compared to Bar-tacking PALS columns 

RZR weave.png
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