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The TAC SHIELD RZR Warrior Plate Carrier is our GEN III Molle design with focus on its lightweight, slim-line profile and system modularity. RZR Warrior Plate Carriers are designed for maximum human mobility and comfort. At less than 2.4 pounds, it offers a variety of configuration options to enhance your gear layout, protection and wearing comfort.

• Comfortable air mesh padding
• Modular design, removable panels
• Built in pouches: Admin, Kangaroo
• Slim-profile cummerbund adjustment
• Secure routing straps: Hydration, Antenna
• Slim padded shoulder straps for rucksack wearing

• Rubberized grip padding for no slip when shouldering a firearm

RZR® MOLLE Warrior Plate Carrier

  • SMALL UPTO 9"X12"
    MEDIUM UPTO 10"X12"
    LARGE UPTO 10.5"X13.5"
    X-LARGE UPTO 11"X14"


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