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What is MOLLE

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

When looking at military-styled pouches or load-bearing equipment, you read the word MOLLE all the time. Most people have a few unanswered questions about this acronym. What is MOLLE and why do I need it? How do I use MOLLE for my home defense or EDC application? Let's tackle each question and give a bit of background.

What is MOLLE

MOLLE and PALS are two aspects of the same system and both have been in use for over 20 years by the military, law enforcement, and serious shooters. Both MOLLE and PALS are from the U.S. Army. MOLLE is the acronym that stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. PALS means Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) and is what (MOLLE) is woven through to make the assembled connection. MOLLE is based on a 1-inch strap that is woven through PALS. PALS is a 1 ½ inch "grid" system. The weave gives an extraordinarily strong bond that supports the pouch and the pouch's contents very well. Both systems are known only as "Molle" at this point.

How Does MOLLE Work

This set of pictures will walk you through the weaving process of MOLLE. I picked the Single Speed Load Rifle Magazine Pouch and TQ Med Molle Pouch This combo is perfect for a home defense setup.


  • Layout your two pouches

  • Flip the PALS side upside down and weave the MOLLE strap behind A

  • Weave the MOLLE strap through 2

  • Weave the MOLLE strap through B

  • Snap the buttons together

Pro-Tip Did you know the first two PALS rows are going to be equal?

By picking a different PALS row, you adjust pouch height.

Look at picture 5 above, notice A & 1 are equal. that's because of picture 2.

Why do you need MOLLE

MOLLE it's what all the cool kids use. Its tactical adult building blocks. You can find two pouches and build a custom setup for your needs. We all have different needs and it's all about being unique. An excellent foundation for pouch combinations is the Speed Load family of MOLLE magazine pouches. You can go with a Magazine pouch rear, admin front, or a double rifle rear double pistol front. Whatever combo you need, you can build with Tac Shield Pouches

Double MOLLE Speedload Sub-Gun Pouch & Double MOLLE Speedload Pistol Pouch

Double MOLLE Rifle Speedload Pouch & MOLLE Vertical Organizer Pouch

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