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What is RZR MOLLE?

The combined strength of the RZR Laminate, precise Laser cuts, and intelligent design, RZR MOLLE is able to remove fabric to lighten the over all weight and exceed durability over traditional pouch design.

RZR Material

RZR 1000D/500D laminate material is Hydrophobic, meaning it does not gain weight when submerged or drenched. It is also Antimicrobial, meaning it will not mildew or rot and is easy to clean or decontaminate. RZR laminate offers superior durability and wear protection both inside and out over traditional 500D or 1000D Cordura®.

Pouch Construction and Durability

Cordura® Denier has two sides, a durable wear side (Facing) and a urethane coated side. Most pouch construction uses the wear side facing out, with the urethane side facing the object in the pouch. Over time, the object rubs and wears holes inside the pouch causing the pouch to fail.

RZR™ Material Durability

RZR™ MOLLE laminate technology gives you the edge. The laminate has two facing sides. Preventing wear and longer lasting pouches. RZR MOLLE Laminated 500D/1000D Cordura® has No urethane side, both sides of the laminate is durable and rugged. 1000D Cordura® faces the object in the pouch. Tough and durable. 500D Cordura® faces the environment. Your RZR pouch gets:

  • Highest tear & abrasion resistance

  • Exceptional strength to weight ratio

  • Reliable long-lasting performance

Both sides, of laminate durable and rugged

RZR MOLLE uses LAZER technology

Lazer technology allows RZR MOLLE to reinforce the fabric without adding weight. Removing 1" PALS webbing by cutting in the ( MAP's ) Molle Attachment Points. Smart design uses 84% less thread, no snap buttons or Velcro® to secure the MOLLE strap What you get is:

  • Light-weight

  • Durable and Rugged

  • LAZER cuts are heat sealed

  • Does not rot in austere environments

  • Compatible with all MOLLE Systems

35 - 50% Lighter

Same function, same footprint 50% weight savings

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