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RZR Tuc-Loc™

Securing a MOLLE pouch has been done a lot of ways over the last 20 plus years. Few techniques have reduced weight and remove points of failure like the RZR Tuc-Loc™ system has accomplished. Most end users of MOLLE have had snap buttons not work, hook/loop fray and field repair with zip-ties. The RZR Tuc-Loc™ system is designed to hold up without any additional item that adds weight or a single fail point.

Snap Buttons Fail

How the system works

At the end of the RZR ™ MOLLE Strap we sew in a polymer reinforcement tab and then fold the RZR laminate to make the Tuc-Loc™. Now its all about weaving the MOLLE through the PALS and ending with tucking in the tale to lock the MOLLE Strap it in place.

That's how the Tuc-Loc™ works and presents a clean professional look to your MOLLE equipment.

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