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Speed Load™ Pistol Pouch

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Lightweight & Durable

At the heart of the new Tac Shield® Speed Load™ Pistol Pouches is durable 500D CORDURA® nylon construction. 500D allows the pouches to be up to 40% lighter than equivalent 1000D CORDURA® pouches with no loss in durability or function. 500D CORDURA® is very rugged and provides excellent resistance to abrasion, exceptional tear strength, and is water repellent. All CORDURA® fabrics have two sides, the "face" is the finished woven side, and the "back" has a urethane finish applied that provides a level of water repellency.

All Tac Shield ®'s Speed Load™ pouches provide a fundamental construction that includes a double-sided design. The double-sided design has the "face" protecting the magazine body and the outside of the pouch preventing pre-mature wear from the inside out during long-term storage.

Faster Draw Time

Take a look at other bungee retention pouches for pistols and you will notice most have a deep pouch design. The high walls cause the magazine to be deeply buried in the pouch. When you go to draw the magazine out of the pouch, your fingers touch fabric, not the magazine body. Other designs use a flap to retain the magazine in the pouch which adds a third step to the draw sequence, thus slowing down the extraction of the magazine.

Many Officers or competition shooters during a stress shoot have gone for a reload only to find out they are drawing from an empty pouch because the flap is shut. Tac Shield® Speed Load™ Pistol Pouches fix this legacy problem. First, the body of the pouch has clearance to allow a clear grasp of the magazine body, not the floor plate. Second, the Two Foot magazine retention tab is swept out of the way when gaining a grip on the magazine body giving you the speed of an open-top but also the security of a flap pouch. Best of both worlds!

Secure Retention

Most pistol magazine pouches rely on friction to keep the magazine in the pouch, which is also known in the holster business as level 1 retention. Magazine Level 1 retention means no flap, no retention beyond friction. In some cases, a friction fit is not universal across all magazines and pistol calibers you own. Simply changing from a 9mm to a 45ACP magazine forces you to buy more pouches.

Tac Shield® Speed Load™ Pistol pouches are not friction retention pouches. We use shock cord and incorporate the Two Foot magazine retention tab that naturally flattens across the surface area of the magazine floorplate for full contact. This design forces the magazine down on the base of the pouch. The Two Foot retention design, unlike single foot designs, does not slide off the floor plate. A second option many users like is placing the Two Foot magazine retention tab on the corner of the floor plate and magazine body. Either option provides vertical retention and pressure forcing the magazine into the pouch for a secure fit. These pouches are great for securing multi-tools, knives, and other like-sized items.

Quality materials that are lightweight and rugged are the hallmark of these new Speed Load™ Pistol pouches. Tac Shield® will never forget, when a Warrior needs to reload a pistol, they require it "NOW." Faster draw time with secure retention is what the new Speed Load™ Pistol Magazine pouch offers at a great value!

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1 Comment

Michael Seals
May 11, 2020

Tactically a very sound system that gives the shooter better accessibility on reloads

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