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Single Point Slings

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

A single point sling is an immensely popular product for Tac Shield® consumers. I like single point sling for short-barrel rifles or a braced pistol like a CZ Scorpion. For all of you that own an AR-15/M4 with the Magpul ASAP - Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point or other end plate sling mounts, the Tac Shield® CQB with HK Hook and Shock Sling with HK Hook is a real slick solution.

Single point sling advantages come from the one pivot point “single” that allows you to move the firearm in dynamic ways with less effort quickly. The efficiency of design leads to less sling material to contend with, and a less complicated manual of arms to move the firearm around in situations. All Tac Shield® single point slings include the Silencer Sleeve. The Silencer Sleeve prevents metal on metal sounds plus protects your guns finish from scratches.

Tac Shield® offers a lot of options for slings. We have 2 point adjustable and 2n1 options:

The Warrior 2n1 Slings combine both attributes of a 2 and a 1-point sling.

All Tac Shield® slings come with the Weapon Quick Release/Detach feature that allows the weapon to be removed quickly from your body if the need arises.

Tac Shield Three Models of Single Point Slings

CQB Sling

Tac Shield® CQB Sling comes with three types of mounting hardware:

Tac Shield® CQB Sling is a specific mission-focused weapon sling designed for Close Quarter Battle “CQB” and is used by American Warfighters. When conducting CQB operations, the manual of arms is dynamic. You go from High Port to Low Ready in a flash. You are switching from primary to support side shoulder based on how you are slicing the pie. The Tac Shield® CQB Sling comes in Heavy Duty 1.5” Mil-Spec Webbing in popular colors and camouflage patterns.

Shock Sling

Tac Shield® Shock Sling is a double - shock “bungee” Sling System that does three unique things.

  1. It absorbs the weight of the firearm and gives a perceived weight reduction as warn.

  2. The “bungee” allows for a custom fit based on how tight you wear the sling.

  3. The Shock Sling pulls the firearm tightly in your shoulder pocket.

Shock Sling II

Tac Shield® Shock Sling II has all the great features of the original shock sling PLUS one more unique feature.

The optional vest attachment system that allows you to “build in” the sling.

Works great on Plate Carriers or Chest rigs

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