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2-Point Web Loop Sling Setup

The Tac Shield 2-Point Web Loop Sling is designed for standard AR15/M4's with MILSPEC swivels. This set of instructions is a collection of best practices gained from more than 20 years of attaching adjustable combat slings to M4's, Colt 6920's and rifles like the M&P Sport II or Springfield Armory Saint.

AR Stock Sling Attachment:

The Tri-Glide Stop Technique is a great way to lock in the sling to the stock and allow the lowest profile attachment system. This technique is for routing the sling through a slot in a stock for attaching the sling to the AR15 rifle.

  1. Rotate the firearm down on the surface as it would be orientated if held. In this example, the right side of the AR15 "ejecting port side" is facing down for a right-handed shooter.

  2. Route the sling from the rear through the slot and add the Tri-Glide

  3. Turn the free-running end back through the Tri-Glide

  4. Pull the slack out of the sling attachment

When complete, the AR15/M4 will hang in this orientation with the Tri-Glide facing the shooter.

Forearm/Handguard Sling Swivel Attachment:

The Hidden End Technique is for the forward sling attachment. This technique prevents you from having a long tail hanging down and builds a hand stop for barricade shooting!


  1. Route the loose edge through the front swivel. "Notice the Tri-Glide is slid down the sling"

  2. Pull sling slack through the Tri-Glide to make a loop

  3. Route the loose edge through the Tri-Glide

  4. Route the loose edge one last time through the Tri-Glide

  5. Tighten up the fit loop. The free running end is now inside the loop

Sizing The Sling To The Shooter

Having a proper fitting 2-Point Tactical sling is critical. The above instructions are how to attach the sling; now we will go through the sizing process. Keep in mind that AR15's come in different lengths from pistols to full size 20"+ long barrels. The Tac Shield 2-Point Web Loop Sling is oversized to accommodate all the variances of the AR15 rifle.

AR Stock Sling Sizing:


  1. Pull the excess webbing through the Tri-Glide until the Weapon Quick Detach buckle is located at the right location for your use

  2. Roll up the excess slack using a fold under technique

  3. Secure with Tac Shield 100 MPH Tape

Forearm/Handguard Sling Swivel Attachment:

  1. After adjusting the Web Loop Weapon Quick Detach buckle, wear the AR15 and Adjust The Slide Pull to its tightest setting. Feed the excess slack until the free-running end looks like image 1 above

  2. Roll up and tuck in the excess slack using a fold under technique

  3. Secure with Tac Shield 100 MPH Tape

Now you have a ready to go 2-Point Tactical Sling that will not let go on you during dynamic situations!

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