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TAC SHIELD® 1.75" Cobra Gun Belt™ with Velcro liner is the latest in modern gun carry. The heavy-duty 2,000 lb. aluminum buckles have double release levers to provide extra security, but ease of opening for the wearer. The low-profile design includes tapered edges for snag-free comfort. The buckle locks the webbing to prevent slippage with even the heaviest loads.


Double-wall webbing is reinforced with a Special Poly Stiffener System. This design provides extra support in the holster/mag case region while offering softer edging in the spinal area for additional comfort and protection.


Belts are adjustable up to four inches with the hook & loop tail lock design. It can be worn in traditional pant loops or larger tactical pant loops. If sized correctly, it will fit over your pants for convenience in removing the holster/mag case as a unit.

  • 1.75" Double Layer 7,000 lb. Mil-Spec Webbing
  • 2,000 lb. Cobra® Military Buckle
  • Special Polymer Reinforcement
  • Patented Design
  • Velcro® Loop Liner for use with Inner Duty Belt


Add an Inner Belt for a Savings over separately.


2X and 3X has a small special makeup charge and 30 Day Lead Time


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1.75" Cobra Gun Belt w/Velcro Liner

  • TAC SHIELD® products are proven in the battlefields around the globe by American Warfighters and are available from many leading Tactical Sport and Military Retailers across the country. All products are backed with a Lifetime Warranty by people you can trust!

  • Small 30" - 34"
    Medium 34" - 38"
    Large 38" - 42"
    X-Large 42" - 46"
    2 - XL 46" - 50"
    3 - XL 50" - 54"
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