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Tac Shield Tactical Gun Belts

Updated: May 24, 2021

We all know the fundamental functionality that belts perform daily. When one adds weighted objects like a pistol and/or pouches, the functional limitations of most belts is exceeded. Standard belt’s sag, poorly made buckles can let go at the worst times. The TAC SHIELD® Tactical Gun Belt™ is properly designed for strength and support of your special requirements..

Every TAC SHIELD® 1.75" Tactical Gun Belt™ has double-wall webbing with a reinforced Special Poly Stiffener System. This purposeful design provides all the extra support in the holster/mag pouch region while offering softer edging in the spinal area for additional comfort and protection during every day carry. This article is going to focus not on the family of Tactical Gun Belts, we will single out the TAC SHIELD® 1.75" Tactical Gun Belt™ with Velcro liner and the TAC SHIELD® Inner-Duty Belt for the latest in modern gun carry.

Cowboys and Leather Belts
Old School Two belt system

Why an Inner and Outer Belt System

The two belt system has been around for a long time and poorly accomplished its objectives. The historical way causes a double-stacked situation of two belts with metal buckles sharing the same space. This leads long bulky and uncomfortable hours of wearing this cumbersome two belt system. The next old school fix was to use 2 to 4 belt keepers to share the load of the duty belt and try to keep both belts together. The hope was to limit sagging of the duty belt and to improve comfort. But as you can see belt, this system is not idea. The keepers are "snapped in" every time you put on the duty belt, taking time to get "geared up", at any moment the keepers would "pop open". For someone to get out of that configuration quickly, is challenging even at the most urgent of times...

What we did was take the input from our WARRIOR Community and designed the best option. The TAC SHIELD® 1.75" Tactical Gun Belt™ with Velcro liner in conjunction with the TAC SHIELD® Inner-Duty belt. Our belt system removes the saggy look, the uncomfortable two buckles, and a ROCK SOLID Cobra buckles that will not "pop open" and leave your gear on the floor. The Cobra Buckle is simple to take off even while under the load of a full gun belt for quick on-off with ease.

All TAC SHIELD® Tactical Gun Belt’s™ are sized with a four inch range of adjustment. This is because of the double-wall webbing and Special Poly Stiffener System insert that prevents the gun belt from sagging. The double wall and Stiffener System, is too thick and inflexible to be bent for routing through the male end of a Cobra Buckle.

The TAC SHIELD® Inner-Duty belt comes in SM/Med or LG/XL to mate with the corresponding Tactical Gun Belt’s size.

The TAC SHIELD® Inner-Duty belt is a smooth closure design with no bulky buckle at all and fits snugly under the TAC SHIELD® 1.75" Tactical Gun Belt™. This is accomplished by the adjustable loop end for a perfect fit around your waist every time.

Locating Gear on the TAC SHIELD® 1.75" Tactical Gun Belt™

Setting up your TAC SHIELD® Tactical Gun Belt is super easy with our use of the Velcro® brand Lock Straps™ as the TAC SHIELD® pouch mounting system.

If you have older style pouches, it will take a bit of planning for you to figure out what to sided on first then second and so on. Tac Shield Gun belts come in 1.75” wide or 1.5" width so any current owned pouches or holsters with this clearance, will work just fine.

All of our Equipment Pouches, Gear Pouches, Magazine Pouches and Specialty Pouches are Belt and/or MOLLE compatible. Out belt mounting system is unique in that you do not need to slide your pouches on. The Velcro® brand Lock Straps™ allow you add and remove gear without disassembling your whole belt system.

Step 1,2 & 3

Step 1. Do not wear the TAC SHIELD® Inner-Duty belt, it grips VERY well and makes this process cumbersome.

Step 2. Route the pistol holster through the free end of the TAC SHIELD® Tactical Gun Belt

Step 3. With my support hand I center up the Cobra buckle

Step 4 & 5

Step 4. A bit of adjusting back and forth with the pistol’s holster keeping the Cobra buckle located where I like it

Step 5. Once I am happy with the location of the holster and buckle, I route the free end one time around the male Cobra Buckle locking bar and secure the belt.

Step 6

Step 6. I now locate the first pouch in its most forward location on the belt. Using my support hand I grab the belt to what feels the most natural spot for that pouches use. .

Step 7. While keeping my hand on that location, I take off the belt, once on the table, I place the first pouch at my hands location to not lose that indexing position.

Step 7

Step 8. I build the belt around that first pouch location until the belt is complete. Keeping each pouch tight between each other.

The spacing of the pouches on a flat surface seems too tight, but once the belt is warn, the clearance between pouches is much more noticeable.

Step 9. Once all your pouches and other items are on your TAC SHIELD® 1.75" Tactical Gun Belt™ with Velcro liner, it's time to complete the process. Put on the TAC SHIELD® Inner-Duty belt like any other belt. By routing the TAC SHIELD® Inner-Duty belt though your garment belt loops with the Velcro® hook facing outwards. Now it's time to mate up.

As the center picture shows, the belt system is so well made, the bond between the two belts will hold up a holstered pistol, two fully loaded 15 round 9mm mag's and two fully loaded 30 round P-Mag's without even buckling the Cobra buckle.

I hope this article helps you to understand how the TAC SHIELD® 1.75" Tactical Gun Belt™ with Velcro liner and the TAC SHIELD® Inner-Duty belt work. Also how to setup a duty belt using any of the TAC SHIELD® Equipment Pouches, Gear Pouches, Magazine Pouches and Specialty Pouches with the Velcro® brand Lock Straps™.

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