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Defenders. Guardians. Heroes. Warriors. Proud Americans.


In recognition of all our Warriors do, TAC SHIELD is proud to launch Warrior Week. Warrior Week is our way of appreciating courageous efforts, honorable deeds, and recognizing unsung heroes—be they serving our country, our towns, or one another. Warrior Week is about telling their stories—stories of Proud Americans and their rugged individualistic efforts to serve, guard, protect, and shelter.


TAC SHIELD wants to hear from you. We want to hear your story. We want to hear your buddy's story. We want to hear your neighbor's story, your spouse's story, or a story about the guy next door that stepped out with fortitude and did something selfless, noble, and just darn good.


Each Warrior Week (the first week of every month), TAC SHIELD will choose one lucky recipient to receive a TAC SHIELD prize pack worth more than $500.00 gearing your hero up to keep fighting the good fight. 

Warrior Week Giveaway Package

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Beginning later this year, the Warrior Week Recognition Room will go live, and TAC SHIELD will proudly share the stories of Proud Americans and their fantastic deeds on our webpage and social media channels

TAC SHIELD supports America and its heroes and looks forward to honoring them through Warrior Week.

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